RMA Program Library – Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix – 1961 to 1973

As we progressively digitize the programs (1961-1966 have been completed), you will find the PDFs (and in sone instances, the official results/timings sheets) and film appended below each program cover.

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NB1: There were generally two programs issued at each Grand Prix, one was complimentary, the other purchased. Where possible, we have displayed both programs. These are identical except for a different quality paper used for the front cover and back page.

NB2: The separate Grand Prix Regulations pamphlets will be uploaded in due course.

NB3: Program contents (PDF) are from the RMA Resource Center collection, scanned and uploaded for viewing here. Where possible, we have used unannotated photocopies of the fragile originals. Listings of lap times, race reports etc will be uploaded when time permits.

Link to the history of the Singapore Grand Prix:


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