RMA Program Library – Selangor II

Last Updated 5 November 2021

Selangor/Malaysian Grand Prix [Batu Tiga/Shah Alam] 1967-1990s. The contents of each of these programs (In PDF) is presently being digitized and will be uploaded once completed.

First race at the new Batu Tiga permanent circuit – Septmeber 1967
First Selangor Grand Prix. April 1968
7th TAR Race – Malaysian Grand Prix, September 1968
First National Championships, December 1968
Selangor Grand Prix, April 1969
Grand Prix International, October 1969
Selangor Grand Prix, April 1970
Malaysia Grand Prix, September 19790
National Open Championships, December 1970
Selangor Grand Prix, April 1971* After 1972, the Easter/Spring event was known as the Malaysia Grand Prix while the Autumn event was known as the Selangor Grand Prix.
Malaysia Grand Prix, April 1972
Selangor Grand Prix, September 1973
Malaysia Grand Prix, April 1974
Selangor Grand Prix, September 1974
National Open Championships, December 1974
Malaysia Grand Prix, March 1975
The Enduro, July 1975
Selangor Grand Prix, September 1975
Malaysia Grand Prix, May 1978
Malaysia Grand Prix, May 1979
Selangor Grand Prix, September 1979
Malaysia Grand Prix, May 1980
Selangor Grand Prix, December 1982
Malaysia Grand Prix, April 1983
Selangor Grand Prix, November 1983
Malaysia Grand Prix, February 1985
Selangor Grand Prix, March 1989

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