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In December 1959 Bernard S. Arnold was at the forefront of the newly-formed Singapore Go-Kart Club, its founder member.

Was this badge from the Bernard Arnold-formed club or the second kart club formed on the island. Anyone know?

In fact, Arnold had constructed a Go-Kart for the local racing community, built at his Davidson Road garage. He called it the “Arno-Kart” – For cheap Go-Kart racing. Only the two-stroke motor, a 200cc Villiers, and tyres, were not produced at his garage. At $400 a pop, he was competing against American made karts. Whether Arnold’s Singapore Go-Kart Club survived is not known, suffice it to say that a Singapore Karting Club was formed in December 1960.

Which brings me to this recently acquired grille badge. It’s undated, though I think it’s from the 1960s, possibly the second kart club formed on the island. Does anyone know?

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